Quality Policy  
  Fluid control industries Vaico Egypt is specialized in design and production of high quality valves used in water and sewage networks
Vaico Egypt produces according to the international standards strictly updating the company quality control policy.
Vaico Egypt staff always do all the effort needed to reach and update Quality policy targets which are given to each department in order to improve the quality control performance through:
  1. Improving the quality and sticking to the standards for all products
2. Improving the performance of the company
3. Reducing the cost of production
4. Increasing the clients satisfaction
5. Opening new markets for exporting
6. Solving and reducing clients complains
  The above targets are reached by applying the iso 9001 – 2000 quality control system as a strategy.
The company registers and distributes the quality policy within the company and is committed to apply it on all stages.
The company revises the quality policy through revising the quality control systems.